I’ve been waiting for a change to happen–you know, something to click and make it apparent that things are working for the best. Maybe, just maybe, that has to come from us* rather than from the universe. Louise Hay teaches that the universe is waiting to act on our emotions and desires, and however far-fetched that may seem in theory, I continue to be circled back into believing it. For every moment that something negative has happened to me, I can back it up with specific incidences where my attitude was negatively spiraling out of control.

Thoughts quickly become habits, and habits becomes moods, and before we know it our lives are a series of responses to decisions we don’t even realize we’re making. In a bubble, I am perfectly positive and happy and strong–but then I have to talk to people. Negative people. But this is the old thinking that started me on the uphill slope. I am letting outside influences tell me what is or isn’t possible. I am powerful. I am smart. I define myself.

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  1. Tia made many impressions on me through the years, and I appreciate them now more than I ever could then and I think about them and her each day.. but the lessons she taught me that will always follow me throughout my life are #1 Family #2 Honesty & #3 Integrity … and then there is a last but not least lesson that tia imparted on me during one mid-summer evening she spent with us in Sacramento, and even though it didn’t make my top 3 list.. it is indeed my favorite lesson, one that I incorporate to this very day and will pass on to my little ones as “tia’s lesson” ..and this would be the lesson of good vacuuming =) “You have to go slow” she told me as she took the vacuum from my hands as I cleaned house and then she gave me the quintessential example as she passed the vacuum methodically over our café brown carpet, first pushing forward and then pulling back, she told me that it was the only way the vacuum could pick up all the dirt to get the carpet clean.. other wise I was just wasting my time, she said. I think she told me it was tio Max who first taught her this technique or maybe it was vice versa. Heck, I really can’t remember. To tell you the truth some of the details of that moment get more fuzzy with each day. What I do remember is that tia was always a great teacher and mentor and I will forever be thankful for her presence and wisdom. Thank you tia! I love you so much. I miss you even more. Each day I talk to you and I hope that you can hear me. I believe you can, especially when I see a beautiful dragonfly in mid-flight. I know its you 😉

    Tia, please remember our little dream, every night, to meet me on top of the tallest hill, under the brightest star, there is where we will laugh and dance the night away.

  2. I do believe that we attract to us the things we think and believe. That the more positive and happy you are the more you attract similar people and the more you get out of life what you want. It’s not always easy to remain positive though when you have negativity around you and when things happen that are totally out of our control, like the loss of your dear Mother, it’s then that it’s hard to keep the spirit and soul light but with loving family and friends around it certainly makes it an easier journey.
    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family for the loss of your Mother, who, through your posts, sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I hope the many happy memories you have will help you through your grieving and make you smile often.

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