What is healthy? I’ve asked myself this many

What is healthy? I’ve asked myself this many times over the course of the past 8-10 years of my life. If a “healthy” person can become ill, are they really healthy? The conundrum of the medical field… the alcoholic, smoker, fast food junkie that outlives the vegan, yogi and marathon runner. So which is healthier? I will not make the argument here that food doesn’t matter or that life (and death) are random, despite my above example, I just don’t believe it’s all a roll of the dice. My gut (pun intended) tells me that it is much more complicated than that. The past few months this has become an obsession of mine, amid my own digestive issues, my mom has been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer; mets to the liver. 

As much as I’d like to believe that there was one point in time that become the “turning point” here that catalyzed this abnormal growth in her body… science and logic would say otherwise. More than likely this has been an ongoing series of small and big things that have impacted her digestion and led to an eventual “overtaking” of cellular growth. I wonder what that means for my sisters, nephews, nieces, family and friends? I go back to asking, what is healthy and how can I know that what I’m doing is right? I don’t have any answers… or I have many answers, but more than anything else, I have many more questions.

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