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Lesson #2: Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we might as well dance.

ImageI am not entirely sure who originally spoke these words, but they echo in my mind in my mom’s voice. It is one of many mantras my mom lived by. Looking through her old pictures, I found it therapeutic to envision what her life must have been like when the picture was captured and I would inevitably smile thinking about her and her way of living each moment.

This lesson is something she told me countless times. Through less than perfect school years she would remind me that life doesn’t go as you plan it. Some things will always be out of your immediate control, and, while frustrating, if you learn to dance through it, you will come out stronger (and with notably shapelier legs).

I think about how literally my mom could live by this. Ever the party planner, I can recall so many events where she would be directing the four of us, and I would run around like a cartoon bumping in to things and being of little help. My mom would prepare down to the last minute, and when things weren’t resulting within her vision she would definitely let us know. Sometimes, we couldn’t put everything together as we had planned, yet, the party would start and we would all smile. At the end of the night we would still be dancing, laughing and enjoying how wonderful the night was… perfect or not. We would do what we could until we could do no more and then we would enjoy.

I wonder if she knew that this advice would be helping me through losing her as much as it helped me through just living my life? Life is taking me in unpredictable directions, the dance floor is shifting and I’m struggling to shimmy through. I keep moving because I know that is what she would have done and however difficult, especially in 5 inch heels, I’m proud that I am trying to live as she did and dancing one samba at a time.


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