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Lesson 13: Make every day sparkle.

20131121-205337.jpgAfter we began to openly share the information of my mom’s illness, I was moved by the amount of messages, emails and texts that I received from my mom’s friends. I wasn’t surprised that she had touched so many lives and affected so many people, rather just appreciative of the opportunity to hear those kind words about her. She had only a handful of good friends. She was social in her everyday interactions, she loved to talk and share and connect with people, though she kept only a few people very close. Over the years, she collected many wonderful people from different times, and held them in her heart.

One of those very dear friends, an “aunt” really more than anything, sent me a beautiful email filled with lessons she learned from my mom. I truly cannot express how wonderful those things are to read or hear.

The thing that stuck out to me first, was this:
“Margarita taught me to use my best things to brighten daily life and make every day special. No holds barred for party time! Crystal, silver, evening dresses, an elegant buffet and FLOWERS, set the stage for a spectacular party… Make it grand!”

This was something wonderful about my mom. Life was a celebration which warranted the very best of what she had, every single day.

I loved that even for minor events or small gatherings, my mom always wanted us to dress up, decorate, and create attractive displays of food. It was those little touches of effort that made spending time with her wonderful. Each gathering she had was memorable and something to talk about for days. She gave exceptional importance to those little things that most of us overlook; one of the many things that made her so unique and fabulous.


The past month, when I’ve been having a hard time making it through the day, I’ll get out my nicest glasses and drink juice or water out of them. Or I’ll dress in my nicest dresses to feel a little extra sparkle. It’s those little things that make life better than average.

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