Lesson 19: Cover your plants

Tonight will be my first night as a homeowner where temperatures will drop below freezing. While that may not seem to be a typical “first” milestone, to me it feels important. I have repeated over and over again in my head “cover your plants tonight.” I am not entirely sure how to cover plants, or which to cover, but the fact that I need to cover them is very present in my mind.

I purposely chose this house for all the existing plants that it had. As my previously mentioned lack of green thumb would express, I am hopeless at even keeping plants alive, much less growing them from seeds. But, I wanted them to surround me; to have little pieces of my mom all around me.

Life has seemed so quick the past few days. Busy with work, end of the semester at school, and the rest of the house. I have been feeling awfully scroogey lately, which is something my mom would not have wanted, so to compensate, I have been blaring Christmas music and being overly jolly. Maybe, just maybe… the season will contaminate me.

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