Lesson 24: Turn the music up!


As 2014 continues, despite my frank plea for it to stop, I am finding a landslide of new and old emotions surfacing and surging throughout me. My weekend began and ended with a date with a broom. I was quite content with that being the case. I have fond (well, now they seem fonder…) memories of Saturday mornings: My mom would play her favorite songs to where you could hear them in any part of the house. Then, with a sway and a twirl, she would clean her way through each room in the house. At the time, all I wanted to do was sleep in. ITS MY DAY TO SLEEP IN! I would cry constantly as if waking before noon (okay… one or two) was an unreasonable request. My mom would always tell me to make a day of it. “Turn the music up!” she’d say, “Dance with the broom!” She was always reminding me that life is too short to mope around, wishing for more sleep. She, of course, was as right as ever. 

I sauntered throughout the house, this weekend, cleaning every corner. I think it took me two or three times the length it normally takes me, but I have never laughed and had so much fun cleaning by myself. Life is too precious to dwell on not wanting to do the things we have to do. Instead, I should always learn to turn the music up and just enjoy each experience to its fullest.

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