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My Reflections.

I do my best to keep my personal opinions of such matters on the “D/L”–if you will–because I value that many people disagree and I honor their right to believe what they have a right to believe. This, however, is something I feel is greatly worth my words. I spent all yesterday going over the actual legislation, trying to understand the side of the argument where this is a reasonable bill that needed to be passed. I DO want everyone to be able to exercise their freedom of religion. I want everyone to be able to believe what they hold true and I want them to allow me the same courtesy. This, I believe, crosses a line that I can’t fathom and I am at a loss for words wondering why this is a state priority when there are so many other things I wish our representatives would worry about.  At the end of the day, call me what you will, I am a romantic and will do whatever I can for my right to love and be loved… and to give that same right to my friends. We are all HUMAN and we all should be respected. So I signed this petition, and I hope that you will reflect and sign as well. If not, well that is your freedom of choice and I wholeheartedly honor that.

Now I would like to know what business’ wish to exercise this new legislation. I truly have no desire to give them my business whether their religious rights would be “burdened” by it or not.

Petition to veto SB 1062

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