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Snow Flurry Shakedown Away

Photo Feb 24, 10 30 04 AM.jpg

It was a stormy day in February, proceeding a rare event of snowfall throughout our fair city of Tucson. WHAT? You’re saying in your head right now. Snow in Tucson, AZ? But, it happens on a very unpredictable schedule that a rogue blizzard* blankets the city.

*I use the term blizzard loosely, meaning enough-flurries-to-coat-the-ground-though-it-will-melt-by-tomorrow.

But it did happen.

And we all Instagram’d and Facebook’d it, so there is proof.

A terrible quality picture posted on Instagram February 20th, 2013. It now actually looks like a fake little city in a claymation movie to me.

Also Instagram, February 21, 2013. The melting had begun, also, someone gave him a hat.
I built a snowman in front of my apartment, but Frozen had not been released yet, so I didn’t sing about it.

So back to the stormy days after the blizzard*: The snow had melted from in front of our apartment, but there was a chill in the air. I was stuck at work that day, and just spent my afternoon gazing at the snow-capped Mount Lemmon… Tucson’s own mini ski-resort. Yes, my friends. Not only does it sometimes snow in Tucson proper, but we have a mountain where you can ski sometimes! I should be a Tucson travel blogger.

My last text message from Walty was that he was taking a lunchtime expedition to a used sports-supply store Play-It-Again Sports, but he was very quiet after that. This was at a time when he often spent his lunch breaks playing Settlers of Catan with his co-workers and holding Ping-pong competitions, so I figured he had gotten caught up in his own nerdiness again.

To my surprise, upon getting home, his car was parked out front and he was outside. This was unusual. I walked up to him slowly, cautiously. My boots clacking on the cement and echoing through the otherwise empty walkway.

“Trevor had an idea… and I spent some money” he said. It blurted out of him like he had been holding in this excitement and anxiety all afternoon.

To this moment I can’t tell you how I knew, why I was so sure, but I peered at the nearby mountain and looked back at him and the words just flew out. “You bought a snowboard.”

Photo Feb 25, 11 03 30 AM

That was a long way to explain the whirlwind adventure we then went on as he took this one impromptu idea and turned it into so much more.

Mount Lemmon couldn’t quite keep up with the demand of Walty’s new obsession, so Sunrise soon caught his attention. Then he became a snowboard instructor… which seems like a leap in the story, but really isn’t that much of a leap.

And now here we are.

Walty is an amazing snowboarder.

I am still learning… though I may lack the balls-to-the-wall approach that benefited my dear husband. But I always leave the mountain enlightened in some zen way that matches yoga in its ability to transform, and shed insight into my psyche.

Listening to the carve in the snow (or ice in this instance) on the last run of the day brings tranquility and introspection. The act of pushing myself well beyond my limits, feeling frustrated, and falling-down is countered by the gracefulness of a perfect S-turn bringing me closer to a warm coffee in the lodge and a sense of accomplishment.

Photo Feb 26, 9 41 36 AM.jpg

It’s hard to explain why something that proves very difficult for me brings me so much joy, but it just does. It helps to see the smile that crosses Walty’s face when he does something playful on the snow, that he deems “simple” and “nothing impressive.” Ha!

I found myself in tears on the way back to the cabin on the second day. The thing about Arizona mountains is that they may have a great snow storm, but they may also go weeks without. Warm temperatures in the day, contrasted by a nightly freeze, creates ice. If you’re lucky, late in the season, slush will form into, at least, a forgiving canvas. Unfortunately for us, our trip preceded a snowstorm, which meant no new snowfall, but cold temperatures and winds that kept the snow frozen and icy.


Photo Feb 26, 9 41 57 AM.jpg

It was not an easy weekend to try anything new, but to not try felt like I was taking a little something away from myself. My knees and butt were so sore by the end, and I couldn’t even say I had made any noticeable improvements for the last trip of the season. And then I cried.

Much to Walty’s shock after (to him) a satisfying day on the slopes, his wife was in tears and indiscernibly squeaking about a butt bruise. But when I slowed down and went into my long story about why I was frustrated and why I was so upset with myself, I realized a few things:

  1. I had spent the weekend beating up my body, and then for some reason I was angry AT IT.
  2. All my injuries had come from me actively making attempts to improve upon something, regardless of continuous failure, I kept trying.
  3. I was mostly angry about the fact that this was my last trip of year. I was angry that I didn’t have another day to go out and try again.

Given that insight into my emotion, I felt a little kinder to myself. I am learning, I did try, I will get to do it again. I repeated that to myself for the remainder of the trip home and took a nap with my little snow-bunny, and felt redeemed.

Photo Feb 26, 9 48 13 AM.jpg

It wasn’t all butters and shredding, but I can’t wait until next season.

I’ll be back, Mountain!

Photo Feb 26, 9 48 49 AM.jpg


ANYWAY… Let’s talk inspo.

What’s inspiring me right now:


BP music

This song came up on my Pandora during a run, and the beat was the coolest rhythm to match my footsteps to. I, for some reason, love and hate running at the same time, so when a beautiful song I love comes on and gets me in a flow, it is like stars aligning. The style reminds me of a little known Modest Mouse song called Needlepoint. I don’t even know what CD it comes from or when it came out, but I love it, and this connected with me even moreso for that reason!

Also, random, but my title for this blog was inspired by Something Corporate’s – Me and the Moon. It came up on my Pandora, so I just had lyrics in my mind that I plugged snow flurry into. *The More You Know


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but…. BUFFERING THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Duh. There is a lot to love here, but can we just talk about how Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs are hashtag: Relationship Goals? I love Buffy, and could rewatch at any point to feel inspired, but these girls reVAMP (pun intended) this epic show and keep me laughing.



Girl crush. Lawyer by day, fashion blogger by night. Lee from LegalLeeBlonde blogs about the best work appropriate outfits. More than that, though, she is funny, intelligent, and just an overall Bad Ass in Vancouver. I highly recommend you check her out!

Photo from her blog.

Until next time! ❤

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