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I Can Be Christmas Lights and You Can Be Flowers

When Chris and I first met, or really, when we first spoke, we instantly formed on bond based on three things: Music. We both really liked the clothes from Express and Guess. We had a penchant for rebelling against norms and trends. (For instance, Chris refused to wear any clothing line whose name started with… Continue reading I Can Be Christmas Lights and You Can Be Flowers

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Snow Flurry Shakedown Away

It was a stormy day in February, proceeding a rare event of snowfall throughout our fair city of Tucson. WHAT? You’re saying in your head right now. Snow in Tucson, AZ? But, it happens on a very unpredictable schedule that a rogue blizzard* blankets the city. *I use the term blizzard loosely, meaning enough-flurries-to-coat-the-ground-though-it-will-melt-by-tomorrow. But… Continue reading Snow Flurry Shakedown Away